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SOCO Roasters is simply about pursuing a better coffee for society.

A part of this is supporting better working conditions for farmers, gender equality at farms and improving education at rural schools. Sourcing our beans from Zambia, a country at the forefront of this battle, we aspire to perfect the journey from bean to cup and deliver to Society.

With our signature blend we have combined a delicious Zambian bean with a rich, classic Colombian bean to not just cut through your cup but also cut through some of the tough working conditions at coffee farms.

This blend celebrates the unlikely British explorer crashing his plane into a Zambian field. He fell in love with the nurse who nurtured him back to health, bought the land where the plane crashed, planted the first Zambian coffee farm and never left!

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It’s not easy running a café and if you’re looking for a roaster that believes that there are more important things in your life than coffee; like focusing on your side hustle, moments with your family or just enjoying your adventure! Hit us up to chat! Just live life and let us take care of the coffee!